Dundee is located North of Edinburgh, in the county of Angus. In Victorian times it was famous for producing the textile ‘Jute’.

Perhaps the best known attraction in Dundee is the famous ship ‘Discovery’(incidentally Dundee is known as ‘The city of Discovery’), which took Captain Scott to the South Pole in 1901. The ship is permanently berthed in Dundee and you can take an on-board guided tour and learn all about the fascinating story of the ship and it’s expeditions.

Dundee is also known in Scotland as a great destination for shoppers, but also boasts museums, theatres, an observatory, beautiful gardens and a wildlife park. It’s a great place to stop on your way further North towards Aberdeen and the Grampian region. For the thrifty among you, Dundee is noted as one of the most affordable places to stay in Scotland.

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